Lynette Franken -  +64 (0) 272 686 330

Explore your potential ... to ignite &

Embrace Moving  forward 

The Answers Lie Within Your Self 



I am understanding,

caring and compassionate.

My goal is to help you tap into your

own Inner Wisdom and Strength.

For you to feel inspired to 

move forward through life with self

trust, confidence, motivation and ease.

My Declaration

As a Life Coach, I offer support as we journey together in a comfortable, confidential space, where you can feel at ease to speak openly and freely.

 Divine Whispers

Retreat Workshop


Experience Deep Within



Inner Wisdom

Self Empowerment

Personal Discoveries

Mother Nature Connection

Expansion of Consciousness

Address Anxiety, Anger, Fear etc

Seeing True Self through Reflection

Share!  Change!  Evolve!

In a Supportive Space

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'Divine Whispers-Retreat Workshops'

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Life Coaching​Sessions

One on ones in person at the beach or

at my home. Video calls are another option. 

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Life Coaching offers, please click here:  More Info 


A brief look into My Life

 By using life changing view points,

including deep genuine trust and confidence

in my intuition, I chose to embrace & surrender into 

the process of my journeys through depression

& cancer. Allowing them to teach me what I

needed to learn, including the cause of them.

Resulting in navigating through them with extreme

ease and having some beautiful amazing

experiences along the way ...

Having this approach had profound impact on

me knowing that we do not have to suffer.

 Life changing & completely inspiring.

My Life Message

Following our Intuition-Inner Wisdom is key.

Everyone is worthy of happiness

and living a life with ease.